Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...In The End

This blog is not inspired from the song "In the end"(courtesy Linking Park), rather it marks the end of my internship at DRDO...

Phew!! what an experience... I was pretty excited at first, but little did I know that the interest would be gradually reduced to mere fractions. I just wanted to get over with it somehow to be able to enjoy the rest of my vacations. Past few weeks were like, so Heavvvy..
Undebugged code, Project report, slides all had to be completed within the given deadline. Never been used to work at such a short notice, but then you ought to learn it someday! Cant forget how I used to sit for hours to complete the silly Report, and used to hate my PL for asking me to add-on things. But now I'm glad that it has all ended.

The last day was fun, hardly did anything.. had to just get my certi approved! To my surprise my PL was not his usual self, was quiet relaxed(I guess this was because he got engaged recently). He helped me wind up with the pending work. At last sanity!

All I'm gonna miss about DRDO are the extended lunch breaks me and my co-interns used to take to sneak to the DU cafeteria & had excuses all ready for our boss' for being late. Over lunch we kept on cribbing about the work, backbiting our PL, laughing on almost everything and anything. Really had great times.

Now that I am free from it all, I'm enjoying my days before college reopens as it'll be another hectic academic session..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A well deserved break..

June 20th, 2008

Another day at DRDO, I must say it was quiet adventourous!
It started off as usual, with me walking to the DTRL. What a pain it is to take a walk in the scorching sun, & that too after the (oh! so) rigorous scanning of our bags. I dunno what they expect us to carry to work. While walking to the Lab, someone called me from behind, and to my surprise it was a school friend, who was also training at DRDO. We had completely lost touch with each other. It actually feels good to meet someone after so long. Had a chat for sometime & reached the Lab.
Payal(we both are working on the same project) was standing outside our cabin with a grin on her face, the immediate thought that ran across my mind was (Oh shit! Is the PL mad at me), but this is how it goes:

Payal: Hey!!

Me: Heyy to you too! Now temme wts it?

Payal: Arey chill! the jerk is going to come late. Isnt that great?

Me: (Relieved) Yea.. indeed!

Payal: Chal, Malvika ke cabin me chalte hain..

Me: What are we waiting for? lets go..

Malvika, another co-trainee(rather cell-mate ;) ) works under our PL. Poor thing she is made to sit right under his nose. And to top it all she is so scared of him, she doesnt even move out of the place. We chit-chatted for quiet sometime, meanwhile Payal was checking all the files in his PC.Apart from loads of project reports, presentations, letters it had lots of songs. But the songs were such that only he could listen to them(I mean they were yuck!!!).

Payal: Oye! I found RACE. Thats the only movie he has.

Malvika: Just shut the PC down. He'l kill me if he finds out.

Payal: Relax yar, parul pendrive la..

Me: koi aur movie nahi hai kya? He was watching Jannat the other day.

Payal: Search results show Race & a couple of other silly videos. So thats the only option..

Three of us left the PL's cabin & went to ours, that's becasuse we have a workstation at our disposal. Its great fun watching a movie on a huge screen :)We saw the first half, but were also scared, hoping the voice doesnt reach the corridors. We enjoyed the movie with lunch. It might not sound fun to many but in a place like this, it was a sense of achievement. In the second half two more friends joined and then began the commenting on characters in the movie, which were like..Akshaye Khanna should stop sporting a wig, that makes him look older than he actually is, though it hardly matters. Sameera Reddy the dumbest female on earth, god knows why the director included her in the movie!! Race seemed to be a comic movie rather than a thriller to us.
We enjoyed the movie thoroughly. After so many weeks of work(exagerration) it was great to watch a movie in office premises, even though it was RACE! Malvika went back to her cell, as it was time for the jerk's arrival. At around 3 he arrived. Like good and hard working interns we placed our faces in front of the screens & pretended that we had been sitting for hours.

Hope we get more such oppurtunities, and better movies to watch! !

Thursday, June 5, 2008

At work! !

Often I have been engrossed in my own thoughts that usually result in no conclusion!! These thoughts vary from old school memories to contemplating over what next? Offlate I have been going through all that i did in the year gone by... because this is all i can do when I'm free at work these days.

My work (AAh!), its like being confined in a penthouse(all luxuries provided) with no connection to the outside world. The seniors here are always trying to figure out new ways by which they can torture us junis.. Lucky them, they dont even work half as much as we do, and take home handsome pay packets! I generally see them glued to the phones, watching latest flicks on their laptops, chatting with peers and not to forget monitoring our movements.

I guess its human to crib for what we dont have, and keep longing for the things we dont possess. And I’m no less! ;) Though I don’t regret joining the firm, but the idea of being socially detached just gives me jitters. At work we are not supposed to carry any gadgets & can one imagine life without the internet huh??(Though they allow access in the library) I enjoy the privilege of the so-called "Flexible timings", but the workload just ruins the fun.. Initially I was the only one but now some of my friends have been recruited in the "torture-cell" as well! So now i have company.

Coming back to the previous year, Id say it was quiet an eventful one. Met all sorts of people, went through highs and lows, tried new things...(curtains ;) ) the list is endless!

It all started with me joining a new college! I guess school is a more appropriate word to use. With a hell lot of restrictions imposed, it better be called a school. There are professors who are after our lives to complete the assignments (which are done on the way to college) and to top it all our dear "Director", who has made sure that the students dont get any sort of comfort. The only recreational place that I can write about is the cafeteria. It is usually bustling with students of all streams! One can find the latest fashion from the streets to the high end shops, barring a few who are deeply lost in their studies. God help such souls!!

Initially I thought Il not b able to find a group of like minded people(which is quiet true also), but I did! We are a group of six (one having left now bringing it down to five ), with personalities poles apart. Each one is unique in his or her own way. While one speaks a lot, the other is usually quiet. One is hyper active while the other is so lazy that he'd prefer attending lectures at home!
Altogether we are a lively gang of umm... I dunno what! All of us have only one trait in common, i.e. "We love killing time!!" With so many restrictions imposed one tends to try breaking the rules. Our discussions comprise of endless bitching sessions(who says guys dont bitch), which usually end up on a happy note. We have been consistently bunking lectures, and trying out the weirdest places to bunk! I cant believe it that I’m saying it but ya I have become used to my college, and I hope the time left here goes by smoothly.

Now I guess I should resume work, or else Il have to do Home-Work the thought of which makes me feel sleepy! ;)